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What Is A Wiki(Edit)

Wikis are like web sites that anybody can edit. Due to narcissistic spam abuse very few true wikis exist in the wild for long. Most (like this one) require some sort of pass to post. The heavier wiki engines require a log-in as well, like Wikipedia and other wiki database driven software engines.

Wikis are great for building and documenting a body of knowledge related to specific areas of interest, like, say, a budding little community radio station in a little town in the Great North West, or any other field of study a group of people find a common interest in.

This wiki is powered by LionWiki, a lightweight flat-file wiki engine. Because it uses text files it is easy to deploy and to port from one web host to another, so when the station gets its own web domain, this wiki can be forked and continued in both places or simply moved from here to there, nobody knows.