Essential CopyPasta(Edit)

Sometimes it is nice to have a simple text file that has code snippets that only take a second to copy and another second to paste, but minutes of typing. For some of us that could be many minutes of typing.

So, a little text file named snippets.txt or snips.txt in your work folder can be a handy tool. (Or whatever you'd like to call it. Whatever works best for you).

Say you want to add a links section to the bottom of a wiki page you just created to make navigation easier for your fellow wikians that looked like this:

Project Blog Project Webmail Planning Wiki (Password required to view) Planning Home (Password required to view)

To add a nav menu to your wiki post: copy the text below and paste it on your page.

[Project Blog|] [Project Webmail|]  [Planning Wiki (Password required to view)|] [Planning Home (Password required to view)|] 

As time goes by folks using this wiki could build up a handy little collection of code snippets they use when adding entries or working on projects.

Feel free to add your fav snips here:(Edit)