Our first podcast hits the list Valentine's Day Podcast for the Goldendale LPFM Radio Project by Cory Eberhart (Podcast Permalink Runtime: 40:45)


LibriVox is a good place to start exploring how to make recordings.

Listen to one of their podcasts:

Study the LibriVox Newbie Guide:

Basic Advice About Reading and How to Setup for Recording (and more):

Thx, Cory!

Video Tutorials(Edit)

Going Linux Screencast #001 - Using Audacity To Record A Podcast (2009) by Larry Bushey and Tom Chaudoir is a terrific 25 minute tutorial for recording a podcast with Audacity.

Podcasting On Linux : LAS : s25e07 is a hi-def vodcast by Jupiter Broadcasting which runs 1:19 and shares their tips to get your own podcast going powered by Linux. Download formats: