For those new to the WikiWay(Edit)

Creating a new page(Edit)

The first step in creating a new page is to head to the search box and type in the name you wanted for your new page. If the results are (0) then no page with that name already exists and you can click the create page ______ link and Lionwiki will present you with a nice new page named whatever you searched for and it never found. In this case it was create page n00bs, as you can see from this screenie:

In your case it will be create page along with whatever you typed into the search box. I clicked the link to make a new page named n00bs and here we are.

One other way is to simply place a word or phrase in brackets while editing an existing page and if there is no page for that you will be offered the option of creating a page by that name. For example, I want to start a playlist of Christmas Eve music and sound files so I put 20131224 in brackets and Lionwiki makes a wiki link out of it. Then I save this page.

When I come back to this page after saving, 20131224 is now a link and when I click it I get this, (screenshot), my brand spanking new empty page ready for my info.

Had there already been a page named 20131224 then my link would simply have gone there instead of offering up a blank page and I would have to think of a new name for my page or just work with that one.

Linking Up(Edit)

Making a web link is easy, just paste in the URL like this http://understandingnpd.org/ and Lionwiki will make it a clickable web link automatically.

To associate words with a link:

  • Type the name of the link
  • Type |
  • Type the URL
  • Put all that in brackets

GorgeLink|http://gorgelink.org  <--notice there are no spaces
[GorgeLink|http://gorgelink.org]   <-- add the brackets... 
...and it will look like this: GorgeLink after the page is saved.

Not too difficult, eh? You don't HAVE to type it all. Copying and pasting it in is OK. Just input the name of the link, the | character, and the URL and put brackets around all that. Then you can have all the links in one paragraph that you need for citations, references, an other web resources.


Clicking on History in the menu will bring up the history of the page you are on. In this example, the page was Christmas:(screenshot) over in the planning wiki.

The Search function is handy for navigating a certain topic in a wiki. I searched for the word team and found mentions on two pages and an offer to create a page named team, all clickable links to something team related. (Screenshot)

Editing Conflicts(Edit)

Whenever two people are working on the same page from differing locations somebody is going to go to SAVE and get told somebody did something too, and to see the diff before you save.

This can be disconcerting, but it's no big Hoo Hoo. I click on the link diff and, scrolling to the bottom I see this:

And, deciding that was better than what I was going to save, I hit my BACK button and refresh the page to load it with the new info. Had my info been the fresher, I would have saved anyway and the other computer could refresh their page instead of me.

Some conflict! We'll never sell a lot of papers writing about that one. But we can collaborate on production planning here and documentation and promotion there and may the best information win!

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