The Goldendale All Volunteer Radio Army

HEY! That's not what they call themselves, Man!(Edit)

I keep hearing different names for this bunch, so here's a place to make a list of recent appellations.

  • LPFM Radio Project
  • Goldendale FM Radio
  • Goldendale Community Radio
  • FM98620LP

C'mon! Fill in your favorites:

  • Kay Somethin' Sumpin' Sumpin (C'mon Mr. FCC, were waitin' on you! Give us those magic three letters, we beseech thee!)
  • K What What What?

We'll make a list

  • K ? ? ?
  • KUDO= meaning award of honor

And check it twice!

  • Twice??
    • K ? ? ?
    • KUDO= meaning award of honor

HAPPY NEW YEAR from The Goldendale Radio Project Community Audio Volunteers!!!

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