Many people who have access to another person's computer, but don't want to install a bunch of stuff in order to use Windows can reboot to an alternative operating system on a LiveCD that has pre-installed programs for media production. Once finished with a work session, a reboot to the normal OS will show few, or no, changes to its system. These are also excellent ways to keep older computers out of the landfills when they can't run the latest operating system or updates for their current software sets are no longer being updated any more. That old computer in the attic or garage can be a nice Digital Audio Workstation to edit field recordings, record an album, or record/edit/master/stream a podcast.

There's a plethora of LiveCDs out there to choose from, and just about any FreeBSD or Linux system will have some, if not all, of the audio tools it takes to turn out a decent sounding project. Some are designed to be specifically for media production and they will be the focus here.


Puppy Linux is very small and usually runs entirely in system RAM, which gives a speed boost that is like a shot in the arm for older computers. It can be installed on the client hard drive in a save file that the normal OS would see as one large file with an extension of (dot)sfs. Or it can be to a USB stick or even back onto the CD or DVD, if booting from a burning device on a disc that was not locked on burn.

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