ProducerPup421 (forum announcement) (Edit)

"It is based on Puppy 4.2.1, and has many graphics and multimedia programs. Included are:"

  • GIMP for photo editing
  • Blender for 3d modeling and rendering
  • Audacity for audio and multitrack recording
  • Hydrogen software drum machine
  • Kdenlive for video editing
  • LMMS for sequencing
  • WINE in case you're not ready to ditch your 'doze apps

At around 250 Megs this puppy is quite large as puppies go. It is great for older systems that have 348 - 512M RAM and runs best with a 1Gig Linux swap partition. (There are workarounds for 256M RAM - see the forum link). Terrific for old PIII and P4 systems that will no longer run the latest Windows stuff, and a neat little DAW engine with no licensing fees to worry over.

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