Welcome to the Goldendale Radio Project Group Wiki!(Edit)

This space is for the volunteers who are working towards building a low-powered FM radio station in Goldendale to use to share notes and information with one another and with the public. This means visitors may view it as a website, but not add content because a password is required to post. The group's other wiki is a planning and pre-production wiki and, like the dotProject area, a password is required to even view it.

Meeting Schedule(Edit)

The KVGD-LP FM community radio planning group invites you to attend any of our regularly scheduled planning and technical training meetings.

Podcast sessions and PSA recordings scheduled by appointment. They will be held in Studio Annex, Suite Seven, on S. Columbus. KVGD-LP Community Radio interest group to meet at the Main Studio location, in back of 113 W. Main, Goldendale, on Saturday, Feb. 28 at 4PM. Use Windy Ridge front door entrance.

Final Friday, a Goldendale Open Mic Night, is on Friday, February 27, 2015 at the Weavers' Studio on S. Columbus behind the J&N Cable Office downstairs location.

Vox Populi Radio Recording Sessions in February by appointment'

Use this handy contact form

The next Friends of the Library Sponsored Media Workshop will be at the Goldendale Library with Jim Tindall, Radio Drama writer, producer and creator of "Meriwether" and "Manser and Dolph: Mid-Columbia Men of Art"!(Edit)

This two hour workshop on Community Radio Theater is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 28 from 11AM-1PM, explores the possibilities of forming a community radio theatre troupe. Additionally we will learn more about low frequency radio from KVGD supporters. A dramatic or comedic radio production takes actors and players behind the microphone as well as various technicians, writers, and promoters. Come be part of the fun. The Friends of the Goldendale Library sponsors a series of media workshops that began in the Spring of 2014. Two more sessions on other media topics remain to be scheduled. The workshops are open to the public and free of charge. Thanks Friends!

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Watch for the Special Schedule for

  • RemedialRadio Rarities
  • Recording gear to do PSAs on the spot
  • RadioRanger Roundtable - R3 Sessions are for the purpose of creating podcasts and public service announcements (PSAs), building camaraderie, and station identity, creating public radio marketing misc. including logos, mottoes & more. Discussion topics are always far ranging at the Radio Ranger Roundtable sessions. Everyone welcome to attend! Dates & times to be announced.

KVGD-LP offers personal computing workshops covering FM98620LP sub-domain softwares for FM98620LP members and D.A.W. workshops for techs and producers. These are BYOL. Bring Your Own Laptop

    • We've covered Blogs, Playlists, a Pause for the DAWS, and courtesy of CEKC recorded with I-Pads plus an intro to WavePad sound recording and editing software.

If there is no page in this wiki for a topic you would like included in the workshops make one! Doesn't have to be fancy, just a little brainstorming to get the topic rolling. Others will pile on if it interests them. Or love the heck out of it, but take off in an entirely different direction, and it will be all your fault for inspiring them to do so.

Meanwhile the clamor for answers grows:

  • What can I do to help get the ball rolling? <- - - Some answers - - - < <
  • Are there going to be any call in shows? (Radio 2.0?)
  • Is the station going to have a request line? (All that is known for sure right now is that it will NOT be 8675309)
  • What good does it do if nobody is listening? (The most good is ensuring it is still there when they want to listen, kinda like the library still being there when you want to check out a book even thought you don't check books out all the time.)
  • How can you create jobs if it's non-profit? (Non profits can generate real jobs as well as having secondary influences, like the pizza delivery guy that could go from part-part-time all the way up to part-time because of the extra deliveries from ravenous DeeJays.)

FM98620LP 2013 Christmascast Project : BuildZone for Playlist : Shownotes so far

BuildZone for XmasEveCast : 20131224