Frequently Asked Questions(Edit)

Q1) - What in tarnation are you trying to accomplish here with this FM98620LP subdomain, Ric???

A - Attempting to provide online communication services for the Community Radio Volunteers of Goldendale that they can use to communicate with one another for planning purposes and to interface with the internet public-at-large.

Worst case scenario imagined so far is some people will acquire a few new keyboarding and internet skills and the group will know better what their internet needs really are when they move to their own domain after they get their frequency assigned by the FCC.

In the meantime, a certain body of knowledge is being built in the wikis as they are used and data is entered. Two weeks ago if one had typed "Pickwick" in the search box it would have come up (0) and invited you to make a "Pickwick" page. Today you still get the invitation to make a page, but you get two results, both related to the Christmas playlist, so somewhere on each of those pages the word "Pickwick" can be found. This is the true power of community wikis, the ability to search a database of knowledge built by that community for that community. We don't have to keep doing the same research over and over to produce radio shows: a quick check can show what other members have entered so far and we can crib off that, expanding the knowledge by entering the results of our research as well. As show notes are entered into the public wiki a database of what has been broadcast so far develops. A quick parallel check of the Planning Wiki might show "Pickwick" mentioned in research notes more than two times because something "Pickwickian" might have been considered for content in a playlist for a show, but never actually included, or, simply is not ready for broadcast yet.

So, the more used the FM98620LP wikis are used the more useful they become as searchable databases.

Q2) - What is that goofy little icon up there in my browser title bar when I visit the FM98620LP sub-domain?

A - That is the PupRadio icon from Puppy Linux being used as our internet favicon for the while until we dream up our very own.

Or until you dream one up for us. Maybe we should have a contest? Or something??

Drop your questions below and let's see what kind of answers turn up!(Edit)

  • What can I do to help get the ball rolling?
  • Are there going to be any call in shows?
  • Is the station going to have a request line?
  • What good does it do if nobody is listening?
  • How can it create jobs if it's non-profit?

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