There has been dialog going on over at Techdirt for years about copyrights and digital rights, a lot of it from "unsigned artists" and "independent musicians".

They have worked out a formula for working independent artists: CWF/RTB




And then give them a:




Oftentimes artists complain about getting ripped off because no one is buying enough of their music. Most oftentimes they are not following the formula in some way, usually not connecting well with their fans, or if connecting, not giving them enough reason to buy. Others think they have a right to perpetual album sales and do not really bother with any connecting or providing reasons to (continue) to buy, only to get pushed aside by new talent that is willing to work hard at both.

In the case of the station the formula would have to be modified to CWF/RTS, perhaps, for Reason To Support and constantly brainstorm on providing reasons for folks to support it. Food for thought going forward...