Three it is, then. OK. Let's just roll with that.

What can I do to help?(Edit)

  • Sponsor the station.
    • Sponsor a block of time every day.
    • Sponsor a block of time every week.
    • Sponsor a block of time every month.
    • Sponsor a Program
    • Sponsor a Producer
    • Sponsor a DJ
    • Sponsor events designed to help raise funding and support for the station.
    • Sponsor prizes the station gives away in contests or awards to listeners who complete a series of tasks in certain manner.
    • Somehow. Some way. Sponsor something. Fund that puppy, Baby! And let the Good Times Roll during the time(s) you funded!!
  • Donate equipment.
    • Pro audio sound gear and working laptops would be immensely handy for production teams. Digital Audio Workstations are sorely needed for producers.
    • Laptops would be a blessing for software training workshops, and they don't have to be fancy, they just have to work. Great audio chipsets are a blessing.
    • Removable HDDs and memory chips like SD, microSD, Compact Flash, SmartMedia, and USB sticks are needed by everybody. That old CF card you don't like anymore because it is only 2Gb just happens to be the max volume size for old 16bit recorders, and a treasure to anyone who wants to keep working in that format.
    • Blank media - that half a stack of old blank CDs (or DVDs) that have been just sittting there could come in handy for someone recording up to 80 minutes of audio for a program or needing to archive a few shows to free some drive space for more production activities.
    • Check Our Wishlist once in awhile and see if there is any need you could fill or anything you'd like to do.
  • Donate Time.
    • Pick a poem, a song, or a book in the Public Domain and record yourself reading it to the station's listeners.
    • Record a Public Service announcement for your favorite organization for the station to play during news times.
    • Give the station the rights to broadcast your copyrighted content under a Creative Commons license that works as as win-win-win for the intellectual property owner, the station, and the audience. If you are a songwriter or comedy writer or musician or soundscape artist or an interviewer or a storyteller. If it's got audio, we might want to see if our listeners might like it.
    • Volunteer to assist station staff. Come in and answer phones for an hour or an afternoon! Or hold the extra boom mike for an interview. Who knows. There should be something that could use some assistance going on.
    • Monitor the blog and public wiki for typos, broken links, formatting errors, etc., helping keep the station's face looking always freshly scrubbed and healthy.
  • Donate Space.
    • Add an "I support Community Radio" banner to your window display
    • Provide meeting or production space for station volunteers to work in for a little while. We can't all meet at the Library any time we choose. Volunteers could use some temporary space for
      • recording someone reading a poem or a story in a very quiet place
      • rehearsing a group to record a radio play
      • having space to listen to, and sift through, hundreds of audio files to arrange them just so
      • mix down a 16 track song 64 different ways and listen to it over and over and over and over and over (well you get the idea)
        • It's not always easy to find spaces to do little temporal things like that. So if you have some studio space to lend on a project or two, well, bless you and everybody you love, and thanks for helping us get'r'done!
  • Little things can add up big:

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