Goldendale Skateboard Park Demolition Slated - New Park Planned

In early February, the Goldendale City Council charged the City Manager with the task of recruiting skate park users to solicit their comments about the original modular skate park system and offer suggestions for its replacement. The Council was looking for input from boarders, particularly the local youth, before demolition of the old park began.

Goldendale School Super, Mark Heid, posted a meeting notice in the school bulletins and invited students from the Middle School and High School to sit down on Monday, Feb. 9 to talk about issues concerning the local Skate Park.

Goldendale Community Radio (podcasting at kvgd.info) has included audio from that meeting with selections of skate board themed music in a special feature, “Sound Track for a Skate Park.” http://www.kvgd.info … d_Track_Feb_2015.mp3

Goldendale Skate Park users are invited to appear before the Goldendale City Council on Tuesday, Feb. 17, to provide input for the Council’s Skate Park plan. The Council meets in the Goldendale City Hall Council Chambers from 7PM to 9PM.

Creative Common licensed tracks include:

The Shamblers’ Skate Park
Waylon Thornto & the Heavy Hands’ Redneck Skatepark Blues
The Boardlords’ Can’t Skate Here & Boardlords
Marc Staplefords’ Cartography n Skateboarding
Dude Cruise (Grace Wazowica, Amelia Bushell, Thea Sass-Ainsworth - Skater Boys
Anamanaguchi’s My Skateboard Will Go On