Twelfth Night Revels in Goldendale

Join Goldendale Community Radio Players & Friends in “putting Christmas to bed” at the First Twelfth Night Celebration in Goldendale. Traditional yuletide music with ceremonial flourishes will accompany selected readings from Washington Irving’s Sketch Book. Also on the program may be a special visit from Santa’s Top Elf and Mrs. Claus who will be standing in for Father Christmas who has been delayed on his travels. Twelfth Night Revels are the traditional time to show appreciation for all the good things received throughout the Yule season, and to thank Santa for his many gifts.


So, don’t pack away your Christmas sweater just yet! One last holiday party is left. More of a party than a show, the event will be held on Tuesday evening, Jan. 6 at 8PM at Windy Ridge on Main Street offering music and merrymaking for all, especially families.

The Revels are a chance for folks to get together, to provide an opportunity for people to gather and enjoy some seasonal stories and sing some songs that traditionally mark the end of the Christmas holidays (Irving called them Holy Days), celebrating as a community and sharing in each others company.

We hope that Twelfth Night Revels in Goldendale will become an annual event. Twelfth Night marks the end of the Yuletide, but also starts the clock for the beginning of the Carnival season that culminates in Mardi Gras on the day before Ash Wednesday. Goldendale does have a tradition of celebrating Mardi Gras thanks to the fine folks at the General Store and their roots in New Orleans’ traditions.