KVGD-LP Identity & Program Development Session on Friday, April 11 7 pm, Goldendale Library


Now that you have your call letters and an assigned frequency (KVGD-LP and 100.1 FM), you need an image.
Pass out color crayons and paper. Remember the fun of art in primary school, channel that….

1. Create a name for your radio station (other examples: Valley Free Radio, Thin Air, Chicago Independent Radio Project
aka CHIRP).
Hello, I’m a radio station. My name is ______________________________________.
Speed date your radio station—talk amongst yourselves…in pairs…2 minutes and move on.

2. Identify/adopt a mascot for your radio station. I’ll try to remember to bring in my bird books.
Hello, I’m ____________________(name) and you can see that I am a ______________________(specie of bird or
animal or ?) Speed date your mascot. 2 minutes and move on…

3. Create a logo for your radio station. This is where the crayons may come in handy. Keep in mind all the places the logo
will appear: signage, on the website, posters, flyers, schedules, membership drive literature, events, press, etc.
Ultimately you shall design a poster. Indeed you will. Count on it.

4. Time to introduce us to your DJ persona. See article on Takoma Park resident, Marika Partridge. http://www.diamondba … 2f-001a4bcf6878.html

Pass the mic.

5. Next up, programming…

Finish this sentence.
Wouldn’t it be great if KVGD had a program on (name subject/genre) ______________________ every (name
time frame day/week/month)________________ in the (name time of day or night)____________________ that
would feature ________________________________ where we would get to hear more

“Air” your program one on one with everyone there. Pair up the chairs and do it speed dating style with 3
or 4 minutes then half the people remain sitting and the others shift to the next spot until everyone has
talked to everyone about their program idea.

Followed by group review/discussion of the schedule, plugging programs into white spaces on the grid.

6. Interview practice for those who came prepared. Gold star to those that did!

Goldendale Friends of the Library Spring Workshop Series continues on April 12–

Program Design is the third in a series of workshops sponsored by the Friends of the Goldendale Library. The workshop will be held on April 12 in the Library’s Camplan Room beginning at 9 AM and ending at noon. The presenter is Kevin M. Sak, a 2012 graduate of Perry Technical Institute in Yakima, WA. He studied Visual Communications and Graphic Technology. Kevin believes that good visual design that enhances communication can be effective and also very, very entertaining. Come to the Saturday, April 12 workshop on Program Design and prepare to be educated and entertained!