Formatting entries in the wikis

~ Ric Frye, 16 December, 2013

While this blog uses BBCode, the wikis do not, so tutorials for coding there are easier to add here, and vice versa , so that’s the way it will be until I can figure out how to do it well the other way around.

In both wikis character formattingis easy to do. For italics, just type a ‘ character two times at the beginning and again two more times at the end of what you want italicized. For bold, three times before and after, and for italicized bold it’s five times before and after the text you want modified.


The ‘ character is also used for underline and strikethrough, along with a couple others

Lists do not require complicated tags, just an asterisk or two or three, but ensure there is NO SPACE before the asterisk
*first item
** subitem
* second item
** second subitem
*** 3rd item
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A Christmascast

~ Ric 12 December, 2013

I have been working on a sample playlist for one programming day, in this case, for Christmas Day, a Christmascast, if you will. Logging in as admin with the password will allow uploading files up to 7M, re-arranging the file order on the playlist, and a few other little tweaks.

Unfortunately the Opentape app no longer functions 100% due to the changes to cgi 5.3 deprecating some of the code, thereby disabling playlist features on this and every playlist within the domains of the Land of the Good Spirit. In the meantime, right-clicking on the MP3 tag to the right of the title allows downloading. (If there is no MP3 tag to the right of the title, log in and turn it back on, will you please).

Update : Fri 13 It seems the station should have a programming arrangement of blocks like News, Community Call-in, Daily jock blocks, education segments, and a closing information block. Programs would then be scheduled within the blocks.

For the Christmascast the blocks are: Serious business & generic celebrations/worshipfulness, kids programming (music & stories), topical stories, party-ish boogie woogie, & higher energy, winding down, easy listening/chilling out. There are a lot more songs available for consideration that would be in our little Opentape not-so-powered playlist if I had not stopped uploading when I did. Those are posted on the 20131225-ResearchNotes page, where you will find a lot of links to audio stuff from Archive.Org to listen to. If anyone finds something they want to include, but has a file size that is over 7M please use the contact form with your links and info and this blog’s email addy will get the news. Ric will then go get that file and FTP it up & in to the folder and then it can be moved around the playlist and/or downloaded just like the ones 7M and under.

So If LibriVox.Org has a cool poem or story dear to your heart, slog down to the LIT section on the 20131225-ResearchNotes page for quite a few links you won’t have to troll a search list for. If you want instrumentals try the NIXVOX section. So they are kind of sorted but not much. Hope they are useful somehow.

Oh, and Merry [ insert winter solstice holiday of your choice ] and a Happy New Year!