KVGD-LP Identity & Program Development Session on Friday, April 11 7 pm, Goldendale Library


Now that you have your call letters and an assigned frequency (KVGD-LP and 100.1 FM), you need an image.
Pass out color crayons and paper. Remember the fun of art in primary school, channel that….

1. Create a name for your radio station (other examples: Valley Free Radio, Thin Air, Chicago Independent Radio Project
aka CHIRP).
Hello, I’m a radio station. My name is ______________________________________.
Speed date your radio station—talk amongst yourselves…in pairs…2 minutes and move on.

2. Identify/adopt a mascot for your radio station. I’ll try to remember to bring in my bird books.
Hello, I’m ____________________(name) and you can see that I am a ______________________(specie of bird or
animal or ?) Speed date your mascot. 2 minutes and move on…

3. Create a logo for your radio station. This is where the crayons may come in handy. Keep in mind all the places the logo
will appear: signage, on the website, posters, flyers, schedules, membership drive literature, events, press, etc.
Ultimately you shall design a poster. Indeed you will. Count on it.

4. Time to introduce us to your DJ persona. See article on Takoma Park resident, Marika Partridge. http://www.diamondba … 2f-001a4bcf6878.html

Pass the mic.

5. Next up, programming…

Finish this sentence.
Wouldn’t it be great if KVGD had a program on (name subject/genre) ______________________ every (name
time frame day/week/month)________________ in the (name time of day or night)____________________ that
would feature ________________________________ where we would get to hear more

“Air” your program one on one with everyone there. Pair up the chairs and do it speed dating style with 3
or 4 minutes then half the people remain sitting and the others shift to the next spot until everyone has
talked to everyone about their program idea.

Followed by group review/discussion of the schedule, plugging programs into white spaces on the grid.

6. Interview practice for those who came prepared. Gold star to those that did!