Goldendale Community Radio on Display at the Goldendale Library

Check out the display case in the lobby of the Goldendale Public Library during the month of March. Thanks to Blu Street Records for letting us borrow a classic AM/FM radio. Other radios on display include an even older model that was the centerpiece for family listening during the early days of FDR’s administration. A NOAA weather alert radio with hand-crank dynamo rounds-out the collection. The mic and stand set-up is provided by Ric Frye. Thank you, Ric.

Books, all belonging to the Fort Vancouver Regional Library system, illustrate radio’s long arm, encompassing childrens’ stories, biographies, histories, novels and more.

A very big part of the world of radio centers upon music. Dating to radio’s earliest days, it has proved to be a medium with the potential for delivering a national audience to any talented musician, or group, that stepped up to “sing into the can.” In the same way, Radio Theater captured the country’s imagination.

Thank you to The Goldendale Library for use of their display case in March.


Goldendale Skateboard Park Demolition Slated - New Park Planned

In early February, the Goldendale City Council charged the City Manager with the task of recruiting skate park users to solicit their comments about the original modular skate park system and offer suggestions for its replacement. The Council was looking for input from boarders, particularly the local youth, before demolition of the old park began.

Goldendale School Super, Mark Heid, posted a meeting notice in the school bulletins and invited students from the Middle School and High School to sit down on Monday, Feb. 9 to talk about issues concerning the local Skate Park.

Goldendale Community Radio (podcasting at has included audio from that meeting with selections of skate board themed music in a special feature, “Sound Track for a Skate Park.” … d_Track_Feb_2015.mp3

Goldendale Skate Park users are invited to appear before the Goldendale City Council on Tuesday, Feb. 17, to provide input for the Council’s Skate Park plan. The Council meets in the Goldendale City Hall Council Chambers from 7PM to 9PM.

Creative Common licensed tracks include:

The Shamblers’ Skate Park
Waylon Thornto & the Heavy Hands’ Redneck Skatepark Blues
The Boardlords’ Can’t Skate Here & Boardlords
Marc Staplefords’ Cartography n Skateboarding
Dude Cruise (Grace Wazowica, Amelia Bushell, Thea Sass-Ainsworth - Skater Boys
Anamanaguchi’s My Skateboard Will Go On

Twelfth Night Revels in Goldendale

Join Goldendale Community Radio Players & Friends in “putting Christmas to bed” at the First Twelfth Night Celebration in Goldendale. Traditional yuletide music with ceremonial flourishes will accompany selected readings from Washington Irving’s Sketch Book. Also on the program may be a special visit from Santa’s Top Elf and Mrs. Claus who will be standing in for Father Christmas who has been delayed on his travels. Twelfth Night Revels are the traditional time to show appreciation for all the good things received throughout the Yule season, and to thank Santa for his many gifts.


So, don’t pack away your Christmas sweater just yet! One last holiday party is left. More of a party than a show, the event will be held on Tuesday evening, Jan. 6 at 8PM at Windy Ridge on Main Street offering music and merrymaking for all, especially families.

The Revels are a chance for folks to get together, to provide an opportunity for people to gather and enjoy some seasonal stories and sing some songs that traditionally mark the end of the Christmas holidays (Irving called them Holy Days), celebrating as a community and sharing in each others company.

We hope that Twelfth Night Revels in Goldendale will become an annual event. Twelfth Night marks the end of the Yuletide, but also starts the clock for the beginning of the Carnival season that culminates in Mardi Gras on the day before Ash Wednesday. Goldendale does have a tradition of celebrating Mardi Gras thanks to the fine folks at the General Store and their roots in New Orleans’ traditions.

Twelfth Night Revels in Goldendale

A Happy Home Cultural & Ethical Society Entertainment by Goldendale Community Radio Players & Friends is scheduled for Tuesday, January 6, 2015, 8 PM at Windy Ridge Saloon, 113 W. Main, Goldendale, WA.

Goldendale Community Radio Players will present selections from THE SKETCHBOOK OF GEOFFREY CRAYON, GENTLEMAN by Washington Irving (1783-1859). Come and hear Irving’s impressions of the Yuletide traditions of Briton written from the perspective of an American living in England in 1818. Washington Irving is also the author of the well-known short stories, Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

A Cheerful Mugging in Goldendale

Last year just after Christmas, a late gift arrived with Bruce on his return from the Portland office. It was a pint Mason jar filled with the layered ingredients to make a serving of hot chocolate with all the trimmings. The jar was meticulously prepared. Ingredients had been added carefully, layered one by one, not to be shaken or stirred until time to prep and serve. Cocoa was on the bottom layer. On top of the cocoa were tiny chocolate chips followed by a layer of miniature marshmallows. The top layer was a sparkly blend of red and white crushed peppermint candy. It was a cute gift, consumable, handmade (the label assured it had been ‘Made with Love’), and the jar would have other uses when emptied.

Goldendale Community Radio needed a fund raising project for the Farmers’ Market Holiday Bazaar to be held on a Saturday a couple of weeks before Christmas. The cocoa jar that had languished in our kitchen all year, and moved from one spot to the next but never mixed up and enjoyed, was my inspiration. I decided to ask community members to donate coffee cups which we could prepare in a similar way. The cups could be decorated in a festive manner and be offered in exchange for a $5 donation in support of Community Radio.

Heather Lipko had opened a local garden store, Goldendale Garden Supply, during the spring. She had come to a radio station meeting, introduced herself, and volunteered to help in anyway she could. She had last volunteered to work the radio information table at the Farmers’ Market in August.

I stopped by the shop and mentioned to Heather that we planned this fund raiser. I inquired if we could use her shop as a drop-off location for donated mugs. She had brought her adorable puppy to work that day and was distracted by him. The moment that I asked her about her willingness to help, the puppy had snatched an item from one of the garden displays, and trotted proudly off with it, Heather in pursuit. Needless to say, later she did not recall that I had asked. She had no idea that I was quite sure she had positively agreed to help.

Community Radio did a bit of advertising, putting out the request for cups, and soon they began to roll in. One morning, Heather arrived at work, and found a large bag filled with a random assortment of coffee cups attached to the shop’s door handle. She was very puzzled by it but as people continued to drop by with more bags and boxes of cups, they explained what the cups were for, and she had to laugh, finding a corner in the shop to store the growing pile.

A few days before the Bazaar, when I checked with Heather to see how the project was coming along, she excitedly described the shop as inundated with cups galore. We had been ‘mugged’ by the community!

A small crew showed up to sort through the pile, assembling ingredients and decorations for the project. Heather printed labels and directions how to prepare a cup of hot cocoa, with a second set of instructions on how to make hot mulled cider. The cocoa packets contained instant chocolate mix with trimmings including chocolate chips, marshmallows and candy canes. Cinnamon sticks and packets of mulling spices accompanied the cups that held instant cider mixes.

On the day of the Bazaar, our work crew borrowed two display tables and a tall “Baker’s Rack,” and set them up in the ten by ten foot space which the Holiday Bazaar organizers allotted to Community Radio. More than 50 vendors arrived early on December 13, to assemble their goods in the Goldendale Primary School Gymnasium and Cafeteria. Doors opened to the public at nine o’clock.

The brightly decorated cups with their collection of ingredients were packed with red and green shredded paper, tissue paper, and tied with curled clusters of ribbon. They were festive and eye-catching. Mugs were of every conceivable type, from hand-thrown ceramic to English porcelain. Some had been collected on vacations as reminders of places visited and bore the names of destinations: cities, states, national parks, and other attractions. Others were designed with product logos, including Hershey’s, Campbell’s Soup, even Budweiser beer. Definitely, there were cups designed for every taste, and for anyone who cared to look. Many did look, too. The first one to be snatched up was a rather atrocious kitty cup, considered so ugly that it was cute.

Late in the afternoon, a woman found us and asked if the two matched Hershey’s cups were still there. They were her husband’s favorites. She had only found this out after giving them away. Now she was on a mission to retrieve them. Unfortunately for her, one cup had been taken but the second was still there. Quickly she made the $5 donation, writing out a check. While the volunteers at the booth sympathized with her situation, they joked that they should have held that Hershey’s cup hostage for more.

A surprising number of people who stopped by to look over the display and chat, commented that they had seen the notice and had meant to go through their cupboard, and donate some for the cause. One woman exclaimed that she had a hundred cups she could have given us!

We considered the day a success as it took far fewer boxes to pack up the remains than were needed to haul them all into the Primary School that morning. We were determined that these, too, would find homes before the New Year arrived.

To that end, everyone on my Christmas list would be getting a donated cup filled with some tasty ingredients. However, I decided to add one more very essential item that we had not included during the Bazaar. This would be a tiny bottle of Kahlua, or perhaps Irish Cream, for an even jollier holiday! -cje