About the fm98620lp subdomain

Ric Frye, 10 February, 2014

The fm98620lp subdomain at GorgeLink.Org was activated in support of the Goldendale Community Radio Project as soon as the application for the station was submitted in Oct 2013 to provide spaces in the cloud for them to brainstorm, plan projects, and have a blog and a wiki they could use to keep the public informed of their progress.

First came an install of dotProject project management software, then this blog, and then the public wiki and members only planning wiki to provide plenty of space for members to contribute and have input.

Although I, Ric, am the primary poster here now, all members have administrative rights in the blog and the wikis, and eventually someone else will be the primary poster here with occasional articles by other members. User fm98620lp could be any of us, which is why we encourage the use of bylines for our posts in this simple, non-multi-user blog space and in the wikis especially since there are no tripcodes or other tagging schemes to track one another with like a Futaba, or other chan, board, or something.

Flat file apps for everything but the dotProject install were chosen for their portability as much as their ease of use. This blog and the wikis may move or fork when the station gets its own domain, or the PlanningWiki could fork onto a local server at the station, nobody knows. In the meantime the Goldendale LPFM group has organized workshops to give members an overview of the four main software installs in their sub-domain and tutorials have been prepared in the wikis for reference and for those who come later. There are currently three Opentape installs which are used to allow members to collaborate on content for podcasts and prepare for broadcasts. Members can upload mp3 files up to 7M in order to add PSAs, songs, reports and programs and arrange them in any particular order to prepare for an upcoming show, like Cory’s Valentine’s Day podcast (which had to be ported in via FTP because it is larger than 7M, but can be moved up and down the list just like the smaller ones).

The Friends of the Goldendale Library have graciously sponsored a series of six workshops on writing for radio beginning Saturday, February 15, 2014 from 9 am to Noon in the Goldendale Library Meeting Room for the first class, Interviewing for Media to be followed by Writing for Media in March and Program Design for Media in April while May, June, & July are still TBA.

The Goldendale LPFM group now has another brand new network node at the Goldendale Community Radio Project site at Pasture Golf dot com, built in preparation for the green light from Uncle Charlie to begin the groups’ first broadcast day. Cory’s off to a great start on her site and it’s been fun watching her load her content in page by page this week & marvel at the thought she putting into it, and smile with her over her poetic humor in places around her site.

GorgeLink.Org has a standing offer to any other community LPFM stations in our neck of the Gorge to provide them a sub-domain as well as long as the format fmzipcodelp dot GorgeLink.Org is OK with them. If not, let’s talk it over and see what we can do to help. Simply fill out the contact form to apply.